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February 3, 2010

UD. Nitta Computer Lamongan

Description: This company is engaged in computer education and computer services, namely:

- Computer courses
- Cafe
- Typing
- Sales of computer accessories

Address:. jl. andansari 53 lamongan 62215
No. Tel. : .0322324831

Jobs for: Administrasi, Operator Warnet, Instructors, Typing
Work Location at: Lamongan

women < 27 years computer can not tied to college Send your application and CV via POST to:
HRD UD. Nitta Computer Lamongan
Jl. andansari 53 lamongan jatim 62215

Include in the letter of application, you will find this job information on how and resources (from what website or newspaper, or anything else).
This job was closed on 1 April 2010

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